Frequently Asked Questions


Is it difficult to use?

It is the result of over 18 months of testing with primary producers across Australia. It is simple to use and set up and operate. It requires no software or technical expertise. All you need is access to an internet browser.

Are you an agent or broker?

No. The HiveXchange is a completely independent business and is not aligned or supported by any market agent or merchant.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to set up or to register. The HiveXchange charges the seller a service fee of 5% to manage the trade and provide the supporting infrastructure. That fee is only charged after a successful trade is executed and paid for.

Are there new markets I can reach?

You can reach any buyer on the platform in any market from your location. All you need is an internet browser.

Do I have greater transparency of the price and value of produce sold?

You have the option of selling your produce three ways – for a fixed price, you can ask the buyer to bid for your produce, or you can sell on consignment. In the first two cases, you will know the price before you ship. For consignment selling we have created a model that allows you to request a price point that the agent responds to.

How secure is it? What protections do I have?

Every single trade is supported by a legal contract that aligns with the Horticultural code of conduct. All orders are tracked and have a full audit trail visible to the buyer and seller.

How do I find more buyers?

The HiveXchange has buyers already registered and buying in all major capital cities. You will see who these buyers are and you control which buyers you want to see your offers.

How do I sell without affecting my current market relationships?

You control who you sell to, at what price and at what terms. You can offer the same product to different buyers and different price points. No buyer sees another buyer offer, and no seller sees another seller offer. This allows you to diversify who you sell to, while allowing you to maintain price and supply integrity with your existing channels.

What tools are provided to help me manage my orders?

A full set of productivity tools are provided including automatic invoicing, full audit trails, automatic notifications of offers to buyers, chat and other communication facilities, and historical reporting. It is like having a farm administrator run and operate your orders.

How are rejections managed?

Each product sold is specified and each specification is supported by freshcare specs under contract. If the buyer rejects your produce, there are specific and contracted protocols for managing rejections. See our terms for more information.

How are levies managed?

When the buyer is not paying levies, the HiveXchange will pay levies on behalf of the buyer and seller. This is automatically tracked in the system and the HiveXchange is a registered levy payor with the department of agriculture.



When do I get sent the invoice from the HiveXchange?

Once the product has been shipped, you will receive an email notification with an attached invoice.

What are the payment terms (i.e. when is payment due?)

Payment is due within 14 days of receipt of goods

Do I have to use BPAY?

BPAY is the preferred method of payment when trading on the Hivefloor. It makes things easier for you,  as you can pay multiple sellers from a single account.  

How do I label the payment to say which order it is for?

There is no need to do this. The Customer Reference Number you enter when making the payment will give us this information.

When does HiveXchange receive my BPAY payment?

If the payment is made before 6pm on a business day, it will be debited instantly from your account and processed that day. If the payment is made after 6pm, on a weekend or public holiday it will be debited instantly and processed the next business day. You will receive an email notification from the HiveXchange acknowledging payment has been received.

How much does BPAY cost?

BPAY is free to use for bill payers.


How will I know when the HiveXchange has paid me?

You will receive an email notification from HiveXchange acknowledging payment into your account. The ‘$’ sign icon within your sales page on the Hivefloor will also be updated from red to green, indicating that payment has been made. You will also see the payment within your bank account.

When will i receive payment?

You will receive payment within 48hrs of the funds clearing into our account from the Buyer.  

Has there been a change to how HiveXchange payments are referenced in my bank statements?

There has been no change. You will see the invoice number and the consignment note for that order.

Do I need to take any action to receive payment now you are using BPAY?

No specific action is required. You may need to update your accounting system to reflect that you will now receive payment from a single account.

When I ship goods to the buyer, will I still see a copy of the invoice from the Hivefloor?

Yes, you will still see a copy of the invoice.


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