Bringing Australian produce directly to Asian Markets

In June this year the HiveXchange opened a Hong Kong office to bring Australian fresh produce directly into Asian markets. An investment that is paying dividends for both our Australian suppliers and the buyers in Asia.

The HiveXchange is open for business in Asia. During the recent Asiafruit Logistica conference the HiveXchange met with buying groups from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China, Vietnam and India. HiveXchange CEO and co-founder and Antonio Palanca says,

“We opened an office in Hong Kong in June to bring Australian suppliers of fresh produce directly into these markets. That is paying dividends for both our suppliers here and for the buyers in Asia. Asian markets are different. The dense cities of Asia mean that competition between retailers and food service providers is quite fierce. In Hong Kong for instance, the distance between one retail chain and another can be measured in meters, not miles. So if you are a retailer, how do you differentiate yourself and draw consumers into your store?”

Part of the answer is in your pocket. Asian consumers are one of the most voracious users of smart phone technology. They regularly use digital chat features to share information, particularly when it comes to food. At the HiveXchange we’ve developed a digital marketing envelope that travels with the supplier’s product offerings.

“The stories of our producers are being redefined into digital promises that are ready to be shared with the customers of our buyers in Asia. We believe these digital stories, that profile the quality of our supply base here, will be used to build trust and excitement with Asian consumers. It has always been a cornerstone of our trust based ecommerce, T-ecommerce, solution and it’s now working in Asia” says Palanca.

Building on the success of our Asiafruit Congress and Asiafruit Logistica engagements, the HiveXchange is now holding workshops with Asian buyers to ensure the smooth integration of our digital marketplace into the local buying practices and marketing workflow of their organisations. 

Find out more about our export program – here 
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