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Welcome to a community of growers that can advertise and sell  produce, privately and securely to some of Australia’s best wholesale buyers of fresh produce. Normally the charge for set up and registration is a one time $79.95 fee which is being waved for a limited time.  Please register your details here and we will contact you shortly.


Why you should be on the HiveXchange?

After nearly 2 years and investments of over $1M,  a new national wholesale market has been created in the internet cloud. This online trading model is allowing producers to find new buyers and set up new trades with wholesale buyers. Why is that good news for you?

  • The HiveXchange is not an agent or merchant, we are simply trade facilitators.
  • The only charge is a transaction fee, 5% of the value of produce sold, which is charged after the trade is successfully executed and paid for.
  • Diversify your marketing and distribution and join other growers who are forming new direct relationships.
  • Full price transparency on every trade.
  • Every trade is contracted under terms aligned with the Horticultural code of conduct.
  • You decide which buyers see your offers and at what price point.
  • Enjoy the administrative tools that automate invoicing, ordering, and levy payments.

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