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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can everyone see my offers?

A. You decide who see's what offers. The HiveXchange supplies a buyer directory that is matched to your supplier profile. You choose who to make offers to at what price. No buyer see's another buyers offer, no supplier see's another suppliers offer.


Q.  Can I target multiple locations and buyers in the same offer?

A. Yes. You can target multiple buyers in one location, or multiple buyers in different locations with a single offer if the price is the same. Select your desired locations on the 'Add Offer' page, then select buyers in each location before posting.


Q. How do I know I can trust the buyer to pay?

A. The HiveXchange underwrites the payment risk. That simply means as soon as the buyer accepts your produce, we guarantee payment in 21 days and the HiveXchange pays you and collects from the buyer. 


Q. How do I know I am getting the right price?


A. You set the price. You negotiate directly with the buyer. The price you negotiate is the price you get. The HiveXchange charges a fixed service fee for providing the digital marketplace, the contracting infrastructure, the payment assurance, and a host of other tools and services that makes trading easy and safe.

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