Letter from the CEO: August 2017

This month our business began the process of networking our great produce industry into Asia.

Our launchpad into AsiaΒ is an office in Hong Kong, where we have a very experienced executive recruiting buyers and interest into our digital trading platform. What we are uncovering in Asia is the simple reality that taste is a cognitive experience, and therefore is so much more than simply fresh and tasty product.

The way we process information about taste uncovers some realities that we are exploiting at the HiveXchange. Our tongues only have 5 receptors to taste product, which is complimented by around 200 receptors in our nose which add the many nuanced flavours we experience with our food. But both of these senses are far outweighed by our visual and emotional receptors.

Once you accept that taste is heavily influenced by the mental imagery around the experience, the place you have to go to is digital marketing. Via the HiveXchange, export suppliers are now delivering digital promises and experiences with the produce that they are offering in our digital marketplace. This allows commercial buyers to select from a pallet of digital promises, and use them to build the β€œexperience” that adds so much to the flavour of Australian produce.

There is so much more to say about digital marketing and experience, but one thing is very clear. You have to be in a digital market to do it.

β€” Antonio Palanca

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