Power trading for agents & merchants

Stay openΒ 24/7 and get more time for your life – How?

The HiveXchangeΒ is a powerful new marketing and buying platform for agents & merchants, that requires no software and is simple to use.

It allows market agents to give private and secure access to their customers to the produce that is available for sale through the market agent.

Market agents can change prices and offers dynamically through their phone or any internet connected device.

Market agents can even take orders, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, automatically and without having to be physically in the market.

Why not get your buyers to place orders with your business before you place orders with your growers?

Using the same window on the HiveXchange you can then translate your buyers orders, into buying orders from your suppliers.

It is a new model of trading that can allow market agents to generate more value and longer opening hours for the investments made in infrastructure and relationships.

  1. Sell to your customers outside of market hours without having to be on the phone.
  2. See the demand for your productΒ on any internet connected device in real time.
  3. Align interest from your buyers with your suppliers on one trading desk. No software required, just an internet connection.
  4. Increased options to access produce from a greater pool of certified Primary Producers.
  5. Balance sales with available supply.
  6. Significant administrative and compliance cost savings.
  7. Use the HiveXchange to achieve lifestyle benefits.

The HiveXchange is a simple to use marketing and transacting tool that allows you to open your market stand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to be there.

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