Positions Open

Job title:                     Ecommerce Co-founder

Reporting to:           CEO

Compensation:       An attractive stake in the business through a co-founder share allocation plus a modest remuneration.

Hours:                        It is expected that you will work a minimum of 38 hours per week during general business hours.

Location:                    Sydney, Australia working in a great office environment in the Sydney CBD near the harbor shore front.



We’re building a world class team to solve some challenging problems in the fresh produce supply chain using ecommerce technologies.  Our goal is to fundamentally change the way fresh produce is traded both in Australia – Asia & beyond, by creating the number one ecommerce brand for business to business trading in fresh produce.

We want to build on our existing platform and create a new type of business rules driven ecommerce engine, that provides a private and secure business to business trading platform for producers of fresh produce and wholesale buyers.

The roots of this business are three cofounders that have been deeply involved in the fresh produce supply chain, in start-up science and incubation, and in creating and deploying innovative ecommerce and supply chain models both in Australia, Asia and the USA.

To create a world leading B2B experience requires ideas and solutions in a wide area of computer science, including information retrieval, system design, programming language design, networking, security, database design among others.

The business has been going for almost a year and after extensive field testing and prototype building the co-founders strongly believe that there is a big opportunity to disrupt, change, and lead the industry into a new way of transacting, with big payoffs for our farmers and ultimately our consumers.

The Ecommerce co-founder will become an integral member of the founding team and join a business that has already proven the business model is viable and raised first round funding.

If you have the skills and desire to become part of a core of committed professionals who want to change the way the world transacts, then we would like to hear from you. We are ready to engage now with the right person, and bring you in to share in the significant upside that is waiting for a business like ours.


Purpose of Position

As a tech co-founder with the HiveXchange you will be responsible for building a new generation ecommerce platform to support a business to business private trading exchange, to manage and maintain the existing woocommerce environment, and to build a pathway to migrate from the current platform to the new trading platform.

You will put in place systems and processes to achieve the goals of the business including those around design, unit testing, code quality, adherence to standards and more. You will be responsible for ensuring the technology and derivative product is architecturally sound, well-documented and painlessly quick and simple to test, deploy and build upon.

Key responsibilities & duties

  1. Conceptualizing an IT architecture that will meet the defined use cases and perform optimally, provide the ability to change the business rules underlying the ecommerce environment, deliver a great user experience in a secure environment, and scale seamlessly.
  2. Define policies and practices to implement the architecture and undertake software development to achieve the platform build.
  3. Create and manage the necessary business processes and documentation protocols and work with the team to ensure they are followed.
  4. Put in place a system for monitoring of KPIs of all projects as defined with the management team so they can be tracked in real time. eg. code coverage, test coverage, page load etc
  5. Work to continually increase the software quality by developing test suites, coding standards, and employ best practices.
  6. To ensure that the output from the development process is world class and something that you are proud of.
  7. Undertake PHP software development as required on the current woocommerce platform.


Work experience & skills

Required Skills

  • Excellent PHP skills
  • Excellent MySQL skills
  • Develops and troubleshoots with HTML5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, and the command line.
  • Develops responsive websites that are consistent across all browsers and devices.
  • Fanaticism for libraries and tools to make software simpler and more powerful
  • Experience building real web applications for real people
  • Experience in Agile/Lean startup methodologies – Scrum, Continuous Integration, etc.
  • Good communication skills and a strong desire to understand the business challenges and work to address them in a smart and efficient way.

Optional Skills

  • Experience in building scaleable eCommerce applications
  • Experience in building Ecommerce sites in PHP or Magento
  • Experience with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and RESTful web services.
  • Experience with MySQL database administration
  • Experience with Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and familiarity with SEO/SEM and PPC.
  • Knowledge of hardware and scaling.
  • Knowledge of deployment best practice and a love of automation.

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