Sellers of Primary Produce

A new road to reaching buyers has opened up in Australia.

Take advantage of new market opportunities from your desktop.

Make offers from your phone or desktop to the markets you want to serve.

Only you can select which wholesale buyers or buying groups can see your offers.

Sell different product categories to different buying groups, allowing you to maximise the value from your harvest.

Have full control and visibility of the price your produce gets sold for.

Have access to a range of productivity tools that improve your ability to manage your business cost effectively.


“This year I used the HiveXchange to complement my reach into buyers around the country. I am able to see offers directly and find buyers who are willing to pay me for my produce on terms that are clear and agreed upfront. “. (HiveXchange trial participant in far north Queensland). Find out more by registering your interest.


  1. Know what you will be paid and when you will be paid everytime.
  2. Cost effective marketing.
  3. Access to live markets information.
  4. Ability to target market for throughput and optimum return.
  5. Automatic audit trails, administration, and code compliance.
  6. Relevant information that is important to your business.
  7. Improved forecasting and planning.
  8. Greater opportunities to grow the business.

Join now, diversify your distribution, and unlock new opportunities.

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