Producer Testimonial: Blue Sky Produce

We recently spoke with Matthew Fealy from Blue Sky Produce, an active supplier on the HiveXchange marketplace, about his experience with the HiveXchange to date.

1. What prompted you to register for the HiveXchange?
After our first season, we felt that the way our produce was sold was completely backwards, how is possible that the producer has absolutely no control over the sale price of their product. That is like Holden putting a “Make an offer” sign on every one of their new cars.  I began making inquiries about how it can be done better, I was introduced to the HiveXchange.
2. When did you start trading on the platform and were you happy with the outcome? If so will you continue to utilise the platform? 
We have been ‘on’ the platform for 2 seasons, but only actually transacted this Avocado season due to time constraints last year. After initial post season analysis, it looks like our returns on the HiveXchange, per tray, were higher then traditional methods (some payments are yet to be reconciled). We will be continuing to use it in the future
3. What features of the HiveXchange have been most useful to you, do you see it positively contributing to your business success in the long term? 
Price control, purely and simply the ability to have control over the price. The HiveXchange allows growers to be price makers not takers. You put your price in and find a buyer who is willing and able to pay that price. It creates transparency in the marketplace and it’s open for trade 24/7. By allowing growers to set their own price, I think this platform naturally attracts those committed to higher quality and higher value.
4. How does the HiveXchange (e-commerce) sit within your vision of the future of Agriculture and food production in Australia?
I truly believe this is the future of produce sales. Technology has traditionally brought about step changes in processes in most industries. The HiveXchange is the disruption in this category, and will drive positive change in the future.
5. Would you recommend the HiveXchange to other producers? 
Already have!

Producer Biography

Matthew Fealy is a grower of avocados, mangos and limes located in Mareeba, Far North QLD. As Farm Manager at Blue Sky Produce, a 2017 Nuffield Scholar and Board Member of the Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA), Matthew is a passionate advocate for using AgTech innovation to improve profit and yields in the horticulture industry. Blue Sky Produce is a family owned and operated business of Johnson’s, KAIRI NQ, Blue Sky Produce has on-site grading, packing, transport, marketing and selling facilities. 

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