Training Videos

Video for suppliers 1 – how to sell (merchant sales).

This video describes how suppliers make offers and sell to the wholesale buyers in the HiveXchange marketplace for a set price (non consignment sales).

>> Download a print friendly version of our Making an Offer to Merchant Buyers checklist

Video for suppliers 2 – how to administer sales.

This video describes how sales are administered on the HiveXchange. The HiveXchange trading platform gives suppliers a number of automated tools that simplify contracting, administration, and auditing of the orders.

>> Download a print friendly version of our Administering Orders from Merchant Buyers checklist

Video for buyers  –  how to buy.

This video describes how wholesale buyers make purchases using the HiveXchange. Wholesale buyers may include providores, secondary and primary wholesalers, physical and online retailers, and market agents acting as merchants. Consignment buying and selling is reviewed in the video on consignment selling down this page.

>> Download a print friendly version of our Buying Commercial Produce Online checklist

Video for consignment selling and buying

This video describes how to make consignment sales with market agents using the HiveXchange. The HiveXchange automates compliance with the new Horticultural code of conduct and provides a simple to use toolset for both the seller and buyer to keep track of orders and prices.

>> Download a print friendly version of our Selling on Consignment checklist


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