Trade Up

Supply Offers, Order Requests, & News Insights.

Suppliers invite buyers into their own private digital market.

Buyers can recruit suppliers into their own private supply market.

Makes trading between trusted organisations easier, faster, and more informative. Completely free but with many advantages.

Designed and built inside Australia's central wholesale markets.

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Easy To Use Business Tools

For Time Poor People Who Trade.


Make your phone a powerful trading hub customised around your needs.

Messaging apps don't deliver good trade outcomes. Chats are all over the place, order requests are missed, and everything is trapped inside one persons phone.

There is a better way.

For Suppliers : broadcast your value propositions to all contacts or to groups or individuals. Organise your contacts into market segments. Automate.

For Buyers: manage trusted supply relationships, find value, and make order requests, all completely private.

Share access to other people in your business so you can act as a team.

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4 Reasons To Trade Up

Employees Leave But the Data Stays.

This app can be used by anyone in your business to communicate with suppliers or buyers. However, the business owner always keeps the data. Someone leaves, someone arrives, the owner controls the data history, contacts, and roles.

Business Relationships Are Different.

Sometimes you need to tell everyone you know something is happening. Other times you want to only communicate with a group of clients or suppliers. And sometimes you want to save something for a special client. Different strokes for different folks. Easy on this app.

Are You Giving Your Customers Away?

Everytime you share something with your customers on social media you are giving information away that can be used by your competitors to poach your customers or learn your strategy. Don't like to share? Use this app to create your own private groups.

Leverage Your Existing Investments

Would you like to take or make orders and order requests without having to change your entire backend business? You can. With the HiveXchange app you can take and manage order requests without phone calls, without mess, and in complete privacy.

Download the HiveXchange App

Absolutely Free. No Ads.

The HiveXchange App is easy to share with you business colleagues, is free to use and contains no ads.


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