Never miss a trade opportunity again.

Built to keep fresh produce industry buyers and sellers connected in real time.

Never miss an opportunity.

Suppliers of wholesale fresh produce have hundreds of customers. When things change or opportunities come up this app will update all of their customers with a few clicks. Buyers using the app will always be connected and notified as soon as a new offer comes up.

Your online market is organised.

Built for fresh produce traders, you can scroll and search for product offers. All chats are automatically connected to offers. Notifications of changes and communications come into one page. Faster and simpler to use, buyers and sellers can find value without confusion or mistakes.

Make the technology work so you don’t have to.

Suppliers can now make or update new offers with photos in seconds. Chat tools and notifications will keep offers alive and engaging. It is like having the market available in your pocket when you need to access it. You control your time, your way.

Download the app. It is completely free and easy to use.

The time is right to be digital.

Your phone is the wholesale market.

Digital offers reach phones and desktops in compelling formats for commercial trades.

Reduce transaction costs.

Offers reach trade networks with the click of a button

Preserve privacy.

Suppliers control who receives offers: broadcast to everyone or select individual businesses or groups of businesses to see special offers. No seller sees other sellers offers. No buyer sees other buyers offers.

Make management easier.

Management has full oversight and control of businesses offers, price points, and customer activity. In real time with easy to use tools.

Productive marketing.

This digital environment gives management the opportunity to market and position their brand and products directly to wholesale customers. Customers love the format and the real time connection to the wholesale market.


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