Job Title
Mobile Developer

Employer Background

HiveXchange is a start-up located in Sydney, with about 5 years development under our belt. We are a small, agile team operating in the digital entrepreneur support space and are at the ‘pointy end’ of a huge opportunity (with no single competitor in sight). We are keen for the input of enthusiastic, ‘young blood’ to add energy and insight into our product development.

Job Description

We are looking for local people who know their way around design, development and architecture so they can use these skills to ensure continuous delivery of HiveXchange applications. The successful applicant/s should enjoy thinking creatively, feel confident to work unsupervised and also be happy to work with the team to develop novel solutions which improve the user experience; and ultimately build business.

We imagine one full-time, or two part-time people, will fill this role with salary and hours (this is not a to 9 to 5 desk job) negotiable.

Key Areas and Responsibilities

● Provide direction for the application development
● Make recommendations based on your technical knowledge for future feature development
● Developing new features to help improve the existing applications
● Make UI/UX decisions while developing, which follow the Material Design Guidelines
● Liaise with the head of engineering to integrate the backend
● Actively maintain, test and debug the applications to assure quality of the applications
● Receive feedback from from the rest of the time, organise it by logging it into Trello to prioritise optimisations of the application
● Work with others developing the application, including managing priorities, reviewing code and giving direction to optimise the UI/UX

Qualifications and Skills

● Flutter
● Dart
● Some Native Android and iOS experience
● Git
● Material Design
● UI/UX experience

Damian George, Chairman & Co-Founder
Mb. 0418 81 82 83


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