Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you freshcare certified?

The fresh produce industry is highly regulated and with good reason. Food safety and compliance in Australia supports consumers trust in our produce. The HiveXchange has been audited by freshcare and we maintain a range of rigorous work practices embedded in our technology that support compliance with freshcare safety protocols. That is important. If your business as a seller is freshcare certified, then you need to be on a digital platform that is freshcare certified.

Are you an agent?

No. The HiveXchange is a completely independent business and is not aligned or supported by any market agent or merchant.

Is it really free and how do you make money?

Yes it is really free. We know what you are thinking. Whatsapp is free too, but they make money using your data to sell advertising and insights – maybe to your competitors. We don’t. So how do we make money? The HiveXchange has already built a full service e-commerce suite and has been supporting national sales for nearly 5 years. We have used all of that technology to create this solution – for free – in the time of Covid 19. We believe that once you start using the app, and it becomes more widely adopted, that we will be able to bring extra services into the app that you will be willing to pay for. We believe that these technologies have enormous potential to reduce costs and grow revenue opportunities for both buyers and sellers. But right now we have put our money behind our belief that there is a place for digital commerce in the fresh produce industry. This version of the app will stay free and for early adopters like you it will remain so. But we have some amazing stuff ready to come that will supercharge the businesses of our user community. Those services we intend to provide for a modest fee.

Can all buyers and sellers see my offers on the app?

You control who you make offers to.

The HiveXchange is a private marketplace, buyers can only see your information if you make them an offer directly. Buyers cannot see another buyer’s offer. You can offer the same product to different buyers at different price points.  Other sellers cannot see what your market activity or offer details are. It is just like someone walking into your business and having a private trading discussion.

Is my data secure?

Security and privacy of your data is our number one priority. We adhere to the National Privacy Principles established by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and perform automated and manual security testing on a regular basis.


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