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Welcome to a commercial marketplace that facilitates trade between producers and commercial buyers. Please register your details here and we will contact you shortly.

Why you should be on the HiveXchange?

This a new national wholesale market that has been created in the internet cloud allowing producers and commercial buyers to trade directly with each other. Why is that good news for you?

  • The HiveXchange is not an agent or merchant, we are simply trade facilitators. That means commercial trades are done directly between the source of supply and the buyer.
  • The only charge is a transaction fee which is charged after the trade is successfully executed and paid for. There are no subscription charges or any other fees.
  • The marketplace fosters diversification in sourcing and selling produce. That lowers risk and fosters growth for industry stakeholders.
  • There is full price transparency on every trade, with the price only known and visible to the buyer and seller in that trade.
  • Every trade between buyer and seller is automatically contracted under terms aligned with the Australian Horticultural code of conduct. That protects the interests of both buyers and sellers
  • A range of administrative tools automate invoicing, ordering, and levy payments. This leaves you more time to manage and grow your business.

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