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Invite customers

Press the profile button at the bottom of your screen to arrive at this page. To invite your buyers to download the app, or ask new suppliers to send your offers via the app, simply press the share HiveXchange button and you will be prompted to send a message to your contact via email, whatsapp, or SMS. You can also log out of the app on this screen.

Make offers

Press the offers tab and follow the prompts.

Seeing offers

After logging in all users are taken to the buyers page. See buyers page is highlighted as a tab up the top “buying”. That means you are on the buyers page looking at offers that have been made to you.

Buyers detail view

Buyers simply press the tab of the product you are interested in to get a more detailed view of what is being offered.

Sorting offers

Buyers can press the magnifying glass at the top right corner and search for product categories or sellers names.

Chats on app

See a red dot – means you have a chat message that has arrived and that you have not seen. Press the tile, view the chat, and the dot will disappear.

Notification page

Press the notifcation tab at the bottom of the page, and you will see all offers, offer updates, and chat messages as a notification. Different sellers will have different logos, and different notification types willhave different colors. If you press the notification you will be taken to the chat or offer.

Feedback for sellers

There are details on the offer tiles that tell you how many buyers you sent the offer to and how many have seen your offer.

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