Going Digital in 2019

Going Digital in 2019

This Christmas a record 40 million parcels was delivered by Australia post as more consumers go online to achieve Christmas cheer without the crowds and effort of going to the store.
A similar trend is happening in business to business commercial transactions and many companies are setting specific goals to take advantage of this digital trend. The chart below describes what businesses are expecting to achieve from their digital investments in 2019.
At the HiveXchange we have made significant investments to help our industry’s commercial customers find ways to co-ordinate their buying across channels, to reduce their costs, and increase revenue. We are achieving that by removing payment risk while giving national market access anytime anywhere.
It simply means that businesses can react faster to market needs and find and fulfil more opportunity more often – no investment required.
This is a new way of doing business that is delivering very exciting opportunities.
If any of your new year’s resolutions include any of the goals in this chart, please speak to us to find out how we can help you achieve them.

Happy New Year from the team here at the HiveXchange.

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