HiveXpress Version 3 will be launched at Hortconnections 2019

The HiveXpress is a mobile application that is fully integrated with the HiveXchange digital marketplace. After a successful release in 2018, the app has been significantly upgraded and now comes with a range of features that deliver more value for traders of fresh produce. It allows suppliers to post offers straight from their phones into a national market and receive product requests from buyers. Buyers and sellers can chat with each other, share images, negotiate and close deals. All closed deals generate smart contracts, and all communications are linked back to the orders.
“By fully integrating chats around trade, order creation and delivery, with contracting and administration, the HiveXchange provides a fail safe and compliant platform for trading fresh produce. Unlike Whatsapp or SMS which are personal communication tools, the HiveXpress is integrated into the company’s trading fabric. It allows business owners to maintain control and visibility of trade data and activity and remain complaint with Australian regulations and the Horticultural code of conduct.”

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