How it works

Apply to trade on the HiveXchange – details at the bottom of this page.



The HiveXchange is a trust based exchange that uses the latest technologies and algorithms to foster secure and trusted business relationships online. If you are a certified seller of primary producer or a wholesale buyers, please register your interest on this site. A representative of the HiveXchange will contact you to see if your business qualifies to enter the trading room with our existing members.


Be part of an agile trading community:



Once you have qualified you will be given password access to use the features of the secure trading room and you can start making transactions. You will begin to see the opportunity to make new connections and establish new ways of trading in an agile environment geared towards growth.


Grow your business.



After a short time you will uncover all sorts of opportunities to grow your business and maximise your returns. You will wonder how you ever supported your business without access to the Hive.

The HiveXchange facilitates healthy trading relationships and charges a small transaction fee for each trade made on our platform. The HiveXchange makes no commissions and is not affiliated with any particular buyer or seller. Our mission is simply to foster more competitive and equitable trade, and to assist producers of good quality produce to find and trade with good quality wholesalers. We achieve this through leveraging technology, algorithms, and a deep understanding of primary producers and wholesale markets.

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