2016 Horticultural & Innovation Expo – Lockyer Valley
2016 Horticultural & Innovation Expo – Lockyer Valley


Primary producers in Australia work continually to find the best farm inputs to increase yield and grow products that meet the needs of local and international markets. The 2016 National Horticultural and Innovation Expo was a fantastic event showcasing new seed varieties and technological innovation in the sector. Held at the DAF Research Station from the 27 – 28th July, 2016 it brought into focus the pace of progress in the industry and the Lockyer Valley as a premier growing region.

HiveXchange’s CEO Antonio Palanca visited the 2016 Lockyer Valley Growers Expo to engage with some of the HiveXchange’s newest farm gate members and connect the needs of the industry with the future of horticultural innovation:

“The primary producers we have engaged with are all genuine innovators and entrepreneurs. We are working hard to tap into that spirit of innovation to explore new and better ways to introduce positive change into what happens to the produce after its been picked. From talking to primary producers we have found that there are many problems that need to be addressed in the way produce is sent to markets”

As Australia’s first wholesale online trading exchange for fresh produce, the HiveXchange brings national markets to the farm gates of primary producers. We provide an envelope of services that enable producers to maximise returns and minimise risk when trading produce into wholesale buyers.

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