Making the most of the new business opportunities in our central produce markets.

There is a new normal that has been forced on all of us. Digital engagements are now complimenting face to face interactions and that is not likely to change. What we have learned is that there are many things you can do using digital tools that reduce cost, grow revenues, and improve lifestyle.
The HiveXchange has been creating digital tools for the fresh produce industry since 2015 and in response to the new normal has created a set of tools specifically for our fresh produce industry. These tools give market agents a way to increase the number of offers they put into the market and provide a better and more engaging service to their customers.
“We have made it really simple for a central market wholesale trader to make their physical market digital. In under an hour a market agent can have 100’s of their clients using a personalised mobile app, with rich market offers that are simple to update. No experience or infrastructure is required. All you need is a phone and our technology can set your business up” said Damian George Chairman and Co-founder of the HiveXchange.
“ Once your customers are on the app then agents have a private channel to those customers that is open 24-7, can be updated in real time, and allow sales floors to achieve a number of productivity improvements. We decided to make this technology available to market agents at no cost to help support the industry at this critical time. That means no cost to set up, no cost for sellers, no costs for buyers.”

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