Service Update: Automated Levy Payments
Service Update: Automated Levy Payments


Over the course of the last quarter the HiveXchange has successfully supported direct trade between vegetable and fruit growers in Far North Queensland and buyers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. As a significant percentage of this trade was direct to wholesale buyers, the HiveXchange custom-built and launched an automated levy service to calculate and make levy payments directly to the Department of Agriculture on behalf of the growers. CEO Antonio Palanca said;

“What the automated levy system on the HiveXchange ensures is that the correct amount of levies are paid for every produce item traded through our platform. This gives our growers assurance that part of the produce they grow gets returned to them in the form of levy payments, which are used to support the development of our primary produce sector. This is our first full quarter of commercial trade and I am delighted to say that the levy payment system worked without a hitch. No work was required for either the producer or the wholesale buyers, and we were able to remit a significant amount of money back to the Department of Agriculture. It’s all been managed within the HiveXchange platform, with a full audit trail supporting the payment made this week.”

The HiveXchange is committed to building tools and services that support more efficient and profitable trade in primary produce. Automated levy payments is a small part of a much bigger story of automation and increased efficiency for fresh produce supply chains, that is being supported by the HiveXchange.

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