Food Production 2020+

This year researcher principals from Swinburne and the CSIRO released a report on the positive economic impact available to regional Australia by adding value to our food supply chains. The authors reference Dutch researchers, Schiefer and Deiters, who identified five future critical challenges faced by our food sector. 1. The emergence of new innovations in [...]

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Artificial Intelligence & Fresh Produce. Are you ready?

Artificial Intelligence and Fresh Produce. One of our major supermarkets has just announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to develop it’s artificial intelligence capability (see computer world and financial review). If you are in the fresh produce industry this has some significant implications, which will be explained in this short article. Their strategic aim can […]

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How Sellers Use HiveXpress

What is like to sell in the HiveXchange digital market? The HiveXchange continues to grow it’s footprint across Australia and into South East Asia. To help stakeholders in the fresh produce industry we have produced an introductory video that describes the customer journey of a seller doing a trade inside our digital market. We think […]

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HiveXpress Version 3 will be launched at Hortconnections 2019

The HiveXpress is a mobile application that is fully integrated with the HiveXchange digital marketplace. After a successful release in 2018, the app has been significantly upgraded and now comes with a range of features that deliver more value for traders of fresh produce. It allows suppliers to post offers straight from their phones into […]

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The time is right to move into the digital trading world

PUBLISHED FROM FRESH PLAZA.COM: Australian digital fruit and vegetable wholesale market HiveXchange believes there has never been a more important time for growers and buyers to invest in diversification of their supply chains, to better use technology to deliver their product more efficiently. “There is significant disruption happening in fresh supply chains, driven by changes […]

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